Day 5 Scoby mama

Alright ladies and gents…
I checked my beautiful experiment out today to see how fermentation was going. According to a few ‘experts’ this mama is doing great and right on schedule!

Here she is, let’s name her together!




Peace, love and this is taking too long! !!



Hippie Locks and the 3 ingredients

Alright, lets talk Hair!

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in shampoo? No? Well don’t because it may just make your head explode… Literally!
I used to be one of those Hair freakazoids, “Its gotta make my hair shiny and it better damn well smell like someone wants to eat it!”4876559A23C973A046A1CD2817E1C8_h296_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_cEYgHRVfh
Little did I know, THOSE ARE THE WORST KINDS!!! The chemicals it takes to make your head smell like a dessert buffet could be the cause of a lot health issues! I won’t go into all that, I am no doctor.

But I know that once I decided to make the change for my hair.
I had a major decrease in headaches. Coincidence? Maybe!

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Why Hippie?

Well this is the first of many posts! But I guess I should start with a little about WHY I chose to start this Crunchy, Hippie blog! First of all, Crunchy is a new term I have come to learn. I have yet to fully comprehend all that comes with being “Crunchy”. Is it a lifestyle? Is it a peanut butter blend? Who the hell knows. What I do know is, what I have read and learned about it… I LIKE IT! I said, “Sign me up for some of that crunchy living!”.


Photo courtesy of:Flickr

I used to think being a Hippie just meant you don’t bathe, and well you live in a van, a bus or on your friends futon! Little did I know I eventually would STRIVE to be one.


Photo courtesy of:Flickr

Hippie? Its such a vague term for group of people who chose to live for love of all things and leave very little carbon foot print along their path. I sat down about a week ago after a long a very grueling work day, and I asked myself, “Kaydia, do you REALLY need all this sh*t in your house? Do you REALLY need to use that chemical filled shampoo?”. Nope! No one does. It all started 2 years ago when my Darling Husband included me in one of his many Vegan fastings for a spiritual cleansing.


This is my Husband! Ain’t he a cutie?

  MAN was I a wuss. No cheese? WHAAAT? But I learned a lot about myself and the strength I had to overcome addiction. FOOD!


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Comfort foods, nasty foods I ate every day. We since have done this wonderful Vegan fasting 2 years in a row now. Its cleansing and amazing. I decided this year after pining away for cheese over our 3 months of fasting, I want to do this for real. No more half assing it along. Put down the cheese and pick up that apple.

I also have ridden our house of most chemical filled house hold supplies. Do you know HOW much crap is in your sunscreen alone this summer? Enough to fuel a chemical reactor for a few short moments I am sure! So lets take this Clean living journey together. Break out your Peace signs and bell bottoms, cause this, is gonna be a Crunchy ride!! 😉

Peace, love and Cacao beans